ISM-NH Membership Meetings

Our meetings usually include dinner, followed by a presentation. The sessions usually focus on purchasing, supply management, or business topics.  Some of our programs in the past have been on Contracts, Negotiations, Supply Chain Management, Buying Packaging Material, Purchasing for Service Organizations, Finding and Keeping the Best Sources, Capital Procurement, International Purchasing and Sourcing, Change Management, Managing Stress, Motivating Your Employees, and tours of local companies. We are always on the lookout and open to suggestions for quality programs and speakers!

ISM-NH offers many educational and networking opportunities. The majority of the meetings are in the Manchester, NH area, but are occasionally held in other locations around the state.


Please join us for ISM-NH Learning Series to be held on Sept 20th & Oct 18th at Burndy (a Hubbell company), 47 E Industrial Park Drive, Manchester, NH 03019

**Note: Please park in visitor’s parking lot; and enter through the visitor’s (main) entrance.

Two-part program on MIT’s Supply Chain Dynamics (SCD) class.

Part 1: Wednesday Sept 20th 6:00-8/8:30pm
Supply Chains (SC) as Systems:
– Intro to SC Dynamics
– SC as Complex Systems

Process Analysis (PA)
– Fundamental PA
– PA in Practice

SC Strategy and Alignment
– Strategy Basics
– Rethinking SC Strategy

Part 2: Wednesday Oct 18th 6:00-8/8:30pm
Global SC Management I
– Intro to Global SC Management
– International Transportation Basics

Global SC Management II
– Currency Issues and Finance
– Sourcing and Shoring

Risk Management & Resilience
– Enterprise Resilience I & II

Dinner will be served at both meetings. Please note any special diet requirements when registering.

Members:$25.00 or meal ticket; Non Members:$35.00


April’s Meeting was at 3M plant
We toured the 3M plant and had a follow-up dinner and speaker at the Greenside Restaurant in Tilton, NH.

The 3M Tilton plant is a paper mill that was originally built in 1947 for manufacturing inorganic paper and still operates most of the original equipment. It was purchased by 3M in 2007.

Paper is made from fiber, filler, and binder; the process uses a LOT of water. The 3M Tilton plant pumps water directly from the Winnipesauke river. Filler is transported by rail directly into the plant. 3M Tilton is unique as paper mills go because it is designed for short runs of multiple different grades, type and finishes of paper.

Our tour guide and dinner speaker was Jonathan Barry, Quality/Production Supervisor at 3M, he spoke on supply chain and the production process of the plant.

March Presenter: Red Cross

We learned about the challenges and complexities of the supply chain the American Red Cross navigates to ensure the right blood type (and sufficient quantity) is available on-demand as needed at all required locations.

View their presentation by clicking here
View their SleevesUp Campaign by clicking here


September Presenter: Patriot Group

“We would like to thank you all for joining us on September 28th. There were many great questions and we hope that everyone enjoyed our presentation and left with a better understanding of the New Hampshire energy market. It was also great to hear about your organization and how you achieve much more by working together and sharing ideas. Please feel free to reach out at any time to discuss energy strategies and the market.”

View their presentation by clicking here


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