What is ISM-NH?
ISM-NH stands for the Institute for Supply Management – New Hampshire.  This is the local affiliate of the Institute of Supply Management (ISM). It is a non-profit association for purchasing and supply professionals. Our primary goals are education and networking among professionals in our fields.

When was ISM-NH established?

We are proud to say that ISM-NH was founded in the early 1960’s and has been an active organization since that time. It was originally founded as NHPMA (New Hampshire Purchasing Management Association) and later changed to NAPM-NH (National Association of Purchasing Management- New Hampshire). In 2015, the name was changed to ISM-NH to reflect the changes to the purchasing profession that  now encompasses supply management responsibilities, and also align our organization more closely with our national organization, ISM.

What is it all about?
ISM-NH offers many educational and networking opportunities.  There are usually 4 meetings per year, in September, October, March, and April. Normally they are located in the Manchester, NH area, but will also be held at various locations around the state this year. (Directions will be on each monthly newsletter or we can send them to you upon request).

Each monthly meeting usually consists of a networking time, dinner, followed by a speaker on a purchasing/supply, business, or current. Occasionally there is an afternoon workshop or tour. Dinner meetings cost $30.00 (guests – $35.00).

Remember… your dues include two free dinners, for either you or a guest! Would I also be a member of the National ISM organization? Yes, you will, and you will have all the benefits of ISM: online wealth of information and assistance online and in person seminars all over the country discounts to seminars, educational material, and registration for the CPSM exams plus many more benefits.


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