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Master the Supply Chain with a Graduate Degree from Elmhurst College

In today’s complex and global business environment, you need a degree that adds value—a degree that takes your experience to another level and makes you indispensable.

That’s where Elmhurst College comes in. Our M.S. in Supply Chain Management (MSCM) will give you the operational and analytical skills you need to make businesses more efficient and profitable. You’ll learn from industry experts and get hands-on experience in the field. And you can do it part-time in less than two years—in a city that is one of the world’s greatest transportation and logistics hubs.

Better yet, the Elmhurst MSCM will connect you with a network of peers and hundreds of alumni who will support you throughout your career. Think of it as the perfect resume booster.

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Choosing A Form Of Agreement

For most purchases, a purchasing organization can use a general goods or services agreement. However, there are special situations that require different forms of agreement. The following paragraphs describe two such situations.

In cases where a purchasing organization is facing time limitations to complete a project, it does not have the luxury of working out all terms and conditions with a supplier before beginning work on the project. In these cases, purchasing organizations will often use a letter of intent to document agreement with the supplier on the most critical points of the agreement in order to begin work on the project while working out an agreement on the other terms and conditions.

Manufacturers seek to gain an advantage over their competitors by introducing innovations in their designs. Therefore, manufacturers are very protective about their design information. When manufacturers work with suppliers who become aware of some proprietary information regarding the manufacturer’s designs, manufacturers take steps to protect that information from being disclosed to their competitors. One of those steps is to require those suppliers to sign a non-disclosure agreement, also called an NDA or a confidentiality agreement.


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